The Marmoset Blend

Mojo Coffee is proud to support the Wellington Zoo's Conservation Fund through the development of the Limited Edition Marmoset Blend that is available exclusively from our Mojo Zoo store and for online purchase. It's cheeky blend of coffees from the Pygmy Marmoset's homelands. Medium bodied, with clean acidity, chocolatey tones and hints of spice.

The Pygmy Marmoset is a small monkey native to the rainforests of the Amazon Basin in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. As world-renowned coffee growing regions, the beans in the Marmoset Blend are exclusively from these countries.

15% of profits from the sale of the Marmoset Blend going directly to Wellington Zoo’s Conservation Fund. This fund helps international conservation projects for critically endangered monkeys in South America. By purchasing this coffee, you are helping monkeys in the wild.

Aroma     Medium Dry Cocoa and Citrus Peel
Flavour    Blackcurrant, Pine Nuts and Leather
Acidity     High intensity
Body        Medium Body, Medicinal
Finish       Nippy grapefruit and Pine Nut mouthfeel